PIM benefits for affluent and high net worth investors

World-class investment options

  • PIM provides access to award-winning portfolio management and a wide range of investment mandates, styles, asset classes and product platforms. The program's flexible structure supports your choice to create a diversified portfolio from individual mandates, follow a suggested model or purchase a fully managed portfolio solution overseen by CI's in-house investment experts.

Tax efficiency

  • PIM's tax-efficient investment platform option is an ideal solution for building a non-registered portfolio. The many advantages include a low dividend payout policy, tax-efficient income and the ability to generate tax-efficient cash flow through T-Class funds. By minimizing taxable income, investors can take full advantage of the power of compound growth in their non-registered accounts by deferring capital gains, and receive tax-free monthly payments in the form of return of capital (ROC).

Competitive, flexible fee structures

  • PIM clients benefit from a preferred pricing structure and tiered management fees.

Consolidated, simplified account management

  • Client and family accounts can be linked to create a clear household financial picture, reduce fees and maximize tax efficiency across multiple account types. Consolidated accounts are supported by value-added features including managed solutions, enhanced reporting, portfolio rebalancing and a proposal tool.

Guaranteed cash flow

  • G5|20 Series is a mutual fund trust mandate designed specifically for retirement, offering PIM investors growth opportunities, protection from market downturns and a guaranteed cash flow. The fund uses hedging strategies to protect the value generated by the portfolio managers, for long-term growth potential, to reduce fund volatility, and to optimize the fund’s residual value.