Build a personalized portfolio

PIM makes it possible to invest in a specific investment mandate or to create an optimal personalized investment portfolio based on your individual needs.

Choose from among a wide array of mandates and product platforms to create a fully customized investment portfolio that suits your unique financial situation, today and in the future.

    Short Term Canadian Global High
  Equity   Value Growth Small Cap
  Canadian Equity  
  U.S. Equity  
  International Equity
  Global Equity  
  Sector-Specific Equity    

World-class portfolio management and a broad choice of investments

PIM features an impressive lineup of award-winning portfolio managers, selected for their proven success, the value they add and the diversity they bring to the PIM program. With access to some of the best money management available to Canadian investors, PIM makes it possible to construct a complete portfolio that accurately reflects your financial objectives and tolerance for risk.

PIM's broad range of portfolio options allows you to pursue investment opportunities that are diversified not only across asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate, but also by country, market capitalization, industry sector and investment style. Our experienced managers also offer sophisticated and specialized investment approaches.

All PIM investments are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure their strategic focus and consistent performance by CI Multi-Asset Management, CI's in-house investment management group.