Choose a managed solution

Use CI's asset allocation expertise to choose a diversified model portfolio or managed solution that best suits your individual financial goals and tolerance for risk. PIM's model portfolios and managed solutions are made up of multi-manager, multi-style investment pools and funds to ensure the optimal mix of investment strategies.

A powerful combination: CI Multi-Asset Management and State Street Global Advisors

All of PIM's portfolio options are overseen by CI Multi-Asset Management, CI's in-house team of investment professionals.

  • CI Multi-Asset Management selects portfolio managers based on their proven philosophy and process, resources, experience and the value they can add to the overall CI lineup.
  • For managed solutions, CI Multi-Asset Management uses the research of State Street Global Advisors to construct strategically managed portfolios that fall along the efficient frontier, and selects the best managers for each asset class. Allocations are reviewed quarterly and adjustments are made if and when necessary.

CI Multi-Asset Management: Professional in-house monitoring

CI Multi-Asset Management believes that effective portfolio construction is driven by asset allocations that are strategic and forward looking. The group ensures that PIM model portfolios are diversified by style so that returns are not dependent on one investment approach, that the portfolio managers selected are the best suited for that asset class style, and that the managers stay true to their investment discipline.

State Street Global Advisors: Asset allocation specialists

Using proprietary long-term asset class forecasts for risk, return and correlation, State Street calculates portfolio mixes designed to offer the highest return for each level of risk. Their estimates rely heavily on historical data analysis, and these findings and relationships are further adjusted for any sustainable changes observed within current market environments in order to establish a forward-looking assessment.