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CI Investment Consulting puts it all together

CI Investment Consulting is an in-house group of professionals who play a critical and active role in the design and management of the Portfolio Series program. The team is responsible for ongoing due diligence and overall program maintenance. The team's proprietary program for the selection and monitoring of portfolio managers, as well as its portfolio-building techniques, incorporate a best practices approach to ensure the managers adhere to their investment mandates over time.

CI Investment Consulting's rigorous process is comparable to those used by Canada's top consulting firms for large institutional investors. The team oversees $35 billion of assets in various managed solution programs for clients of CI Investments.

Building the Portfolio Series portfolios

CI Investment Consulting's philosophy of portfolio construction is driven by the belief that asset allocations should be strategic and forward looking. This provides opportunities to capture maximum return for a given level of risk, and recognizes that investment opportunities and risks change over time. Also, each asset class should be diversified by style so that returns are not dependent on one investment approach. Finally, funds and their portfolio managers should be selected because they are the best suited for that asset class style.

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The value of great managers

Portfolio Series uses in-house and external managers based on their proven track record in their areas of expertise. Their skill has been recognized in a number of Morningstar Awards:

Signature Global Asset Management

  • Morningstar Fund Manager of the Decade, 2010
    Morningstar Equity Fund Manager of the Year, 2009
    Eric Bushell, Chief Investment Officer

Black Creek Investment Management

  • Morningstar Foreign Equity Fund Manager of the Year, 2015
    Richard Jenkins, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

CI Investment Consulting

  • Best Fund of Funds, 2012, 2011 (Portfolio Series) and 2013 (Portfolio Select Series)

Morningstar Awards