Designed specifically for retirement

G5|20 Series combines underlying funds managed by CI's award-winning portfolio managers with risk management strategies that provide downside protection and guaranteed cash flows for retirement.

G5|20 Series is a family of mutual funds with a strategy to provide a sustainable guaranteed cash flow stream, as well as capital growth potential. It offers:

  • Guaranteed cash flow for 20 years.

  • Cash flow is 5% of Guaranteed Asset Value.

  • GAV Increase feature automatically locks in a portion of fund gains.

  • Choice of immediate and deferred cash flow funds.

  • Equity exposure without risking your cash flow.

  • A dedicated, low-volatility investment strategy designed to provide equity exposure.

  • Tax-efficient cash flow for non-registered accounts – the guaranteed cash flow is characterized as return of capital or capital gains.

  • The flexibility to redeem fund units at any time and take any capital gains. The remaining unit balance continues to distribute the guaranteed cash flow without penalties.