Product Highlights

G5|20 Series: Product Highlights

  • Combines the expertise of CI’s award-winning portfolio managers, a risk manager, and guaranteed retirement cash flow distributions backed by Bank of Montreal.

  • Each fund is a diversified portfolio of Canadian, U.S. and international equities and income securities.

  • It is actively managed to maximize the residual value of the fund after the 20-year Distribution Phase.

  • Growth potential with protection from market downturns.

  • The Distribution Phase's Guaranteed Distributions are for 20 years – 5% of the Guaranteed Asset Value. Cash flow levels are reviewed every three years to lock in a portion of any market gains to increase the guaranteed cash flow.

  • Cash flows paid monthly – one-twelfth of 5% of the Guaranteed Asset Value – guaranteed by Bank of Montreal.

  • After Distribution Phase: the low volatility investment strategy is designed to leave a residual value in the fund that investors can take in cash or invest.

Available for registered and non-registered assets

  • $5,000 minimum investment ($100,000 for CI Private Investment Management).

  • For client-held and nominee registrations for both non-registered and registered accounts.

  • RRSPs (including spousal), RRIFs (including spousal).

  • TFSAs.

Tax minimization for non-registered accounts

  • Monthly cash flow in non-registered accounts is tax-efficient: it is substantially characterized as return of capital from the fund. When the adjusted cost base reaches zero, cash flows are treated as capital gains.

  • Guaranteed distributions from a non-registered account are not subject to clawback of Old Age Security.

  • Fund may have annual distributions comprised of interest and/or capital gains.

  • RRSP and RRIF payments subject to income tax.

For full product details, including a glossary of terms, please refer to the prospectus.