A note about G5|20 Series

Given the market environment of ultra-low interest rates, CI Investments has decided not to launch new G5|20 or G5|20i funds for the next quarter. All of the existing G5|20 and G5|20i funds will be making predictable and sustainable guaranteed cash flow payments to investors and their beneficiaries for 20 years.

CI Investments' G5|20 Series is the first mutual fund of its kind in Canada.

G5|20 Series, part of CI Guaranteed Retirement Cash Flow Series, offers:

  • 5% guaranteed cash flow for 20 years, backed by Bank of Montreal. The Guaranteed Asset Value is reviewed periodically to lock in a portion of market gains to increase the guaranteed cash flow.

  • Flexible investment mandate provides downside protection in bear markets and takes advantage of opportunities in bull markets.

  • A low volatility investment strategy by a dedicated risk manager.

  • Tax-efficient cash flows for non-registered accounts.

  • The simplicity and liquidity of a mutual fund.

Two New Features

  • Automatic locking in of a portion of market gains.

  • G5|20i – for investors who require cash flow now.


  • Product Highlights

    G5|20 Series is a secure retirement solution offering the simplicity and liquidity of a mutual fund...

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  • Award-Winning Managers

    G5|20 Series offers investors the expertise of award-winning managers from CI with proven track records...

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  • The Guarantee

    G5|20 Series ensures sufficient assets remain in the fund to pay all guaranteed cash flows, no matter how markets perform...

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