CI Prestige

CI Global Asset Management’ high net worth platform, featuring a simple pricing structure and streamlined administration

As your wealth grows, so does the need to organize your investment portfolio with care, efficiency and tailor-made solutions that address your unique, evolving circumstances.

The key elements of CI Prestige include:

Automatic discounted pricing models

Automatic discounted pricing models for you and your extended family

Specialized portfolio management

Specialized portfolio management and choice of investments

Tax-efficient solutions

Tax-efficient solutions

Enhanced account reporting

Enhanced account reporting

Automatic discounted pricing model

CI Prestige is designed to provide affluent investors with automatic pricing benefits that increase as invested assets grow.

CI Prestige is available to individual or family group investment accounts starting at $100,000.

CI Prestige pricing model:

  • Discounted pricing automatically applied
    A tiered flat fee pricing model ensures that investment management and administrative fee discounts are applied on all eligible investments, back to the first dollar invested. Additional discounts apply to larger asset bases.
  • High watermark protection
    Gives investors the benefit of locking in at the highest peak in value of all qualifying investments for discounted pricing due to market performance, with no penalties for negative performance.
  • Extended family pricing
    Multiple accounts for individuals or qualifying extended family members living at different addresses can be linked as a Family Group for pricing and/or reporting purposes once a family threshold of $100,000 is reached.

Experienced and specialized portfolio management and a broad choice of investments

CI Prestige provides access to a broad spectrum of investment solutions designed to address the unique, complex and evolving financial goals of affluent investors. With access to some of the best investment management available to Canadian investors, CI Prestige makes it possible to construct a complete portfolio that accurately reflects your financial objectives and risk tolerance.

The program’s broad range of portfolio options allows you to pursue investment opportunities that are diversified, not only across asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate, but also by country, market capitalization, industry sector and investment style. Our boutique portfolio managers also offer sophisticated and specialized investment approaches.

All of CI Prestige’s investments are continually monitored and evaluated to ensure their strategic focus and consistent performance by CI Multi-Asset Management, our in-house team of investment management experts.

Experienced and specialized portfolio management and a broad choice of investments

CI’s strength comes from our lineup of portfolio managers and the variety of expertise and experience that they provide – all under one roof.

Rather than offering just one investment style, CI has engaged professional money managers in all disciplines: value, blend (growth at a reasonable price) and growth.

These managers have been selected for their strategic focus, consistent discipline and long-term track record of investing here in Canada and around the world.

  • Signature
  • Cambridge
  • Sentry
  • Harbour
  • CI MAM
  • Marret
  • Black Creek
  • Epoch
  • Picton Mahoney
  • Altrinsic
  • QV
  • Lawrence Park
  • Munro
  • DoubleLine
Tax-effective investments

Tax-effective investments

As your wealth grows, so too does your need for strategic investing. CI Prestige takes tax planning beyond conventional options, such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans, offering products and solutions that can help minimize your tax burden and maximize your portfolio’s potential for growth or income.

Using Canada’s oldest and largest corporate class structure, CI Prestige allows you to:

  • Achieve tax-deferred compound growth outside your registered accounts
  • Receive tax-efficient capital gains or Canadian dividends from all funds, regardless of the mandate
  • Benefit from a low dividend payout policy.

CI Prestige account linking and comprehensive record-keeping features also make it simple to strategically allocate your family’s investments across registered and non-registered accounts to realize maximum tax efficiency.

Tax-effective cash flow

When you are ready to draw income from your portfolio, CI Prestige allows you to create a fully customizable, tax-efficient monthly cash flow stream, even as your savings continue to grow. Managing your level of taxable income can become especially important in retirement, when clawbacks can reduce certain income-based benefits such as Old Age Security.

Using CI Prestige’s optional T-Class platform, you can draw monthly income from your investments in the form of 100% tax-free return of capital. (These distributions reduce the adjusted cost base, or ACB of your investments. Over time, the ACB may fall to zero, at which point your payments will be distributed as capital gains, which are also taxed at a favourable rate).

Premium account reporting at $100,000 aggregate level

Investors in CI Prestige have the flexibility to select consolidated or individualized quarterly reporting once Family Group combined assets reach the $100,000 level.

By linking your extended family’s assets together for reporting purposes, CI Prestige can help bring your family’s full financial picture into focus.

If you choose to keep reporting separately, you can still link various family accounts for pricing purposes so you and your family will not miss out on any investment management and administrative fee discounts.

The program’s reporting to investors includes an online tax package at year end.

Premium account reporting at $100,000 aggregate level

The benefits of linking family accounts include:

  • Effective asset allocation across all accounts
  • Detailed, quarterly consolidated statements
  • Simplified record keeping
  • Opportunities for fee reductions.

CI Prestige Resource Centre

CI Prestige Advisor Resources

Log in to AdvisorOnline for access to:

  • Advisor materials
  • Fee illustration tool
  • Additional advisor resources

We believe strongly in the value of sound financial advice. Speak to a trusted advisor about how CI’s investment solutions can help you achieve your financial goals.

If you don’t have a financial advisor you may want to review: Why should I invest with a financial advisor?

Advisors, please contact your CI Sales Team representative to learn more.



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