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Strategic asset allocation is a long-term investment strategy that determines the best asset mix for an investor with the goal of earning the greatest possible rate of return for the investor’s risk tolerance.

CI Investments offers a number of comprehensive investment programs based on the principles of strategic asset allocation. Whether you are saving for retirement, seeking a regular income, or have some other goal, CI’s asset allocation programs can meet your investment needs.

These programs are monitored and maintained by CI Multi-Asset Management, a team of investment analysts and asset allocation experts who monitor the portfolio managers and the portfolios to ensure they are adhering to their mandates and performing within expectations.

moasaic CI Mosaic ETF Portfolios provide access to a diverse selection of exchange-traded funds through five active multi-asset-class portfolios that fit a range of investor profiles.  
Portfolio Series Portfolio Series is a family of seven strategic asset allocation funds that provide diversified portfolios meeting a range of distinct investor profiles, from income to maximum growth. The portfolios achieve their objectives by investing in a blend of equity and fixed income strategies, providing diversification by asset class, region and economic sectors. See why Portfolio Series is sophisticated, yet simple..  
Portfolio Select Series Portfolio Select Series provides a choice of nine model portfolios built through strategic asset allocation, along with flexibility to customize the chosen portfolio. The result is a portfolio that is fully tailored to your individual objectives. Portfolio Select Series also uses the CI Corporate Class platform, allowing for tax efficiency.
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