Portfolio Management

CI’s strength comes from our outstanding lineup of portfolio managers and the variety of expertise and experience that they provide – all under one roof. Rather than offering just one investment style, CI has engaged leading money managers in all disciplines: value, blend (growth at a reasonable price) and growth.

These managers have been selected for their strategic focus, consistent discipline and long-term track record of investing here in Canada and around the world.


Signature Advisors   Signature Global Asset Management of Toronto, a division of CI Investments Inc., manages over $50 billion in assets across all asset classes, including fixed income and Canadian and global equities. Signature’s advantage is its approach in which portfolio managers and analysts specializing in each asset class and sector combine their research to develop a comprehensive picture of a company and its securities. The team is led by Chief Investment Officer Eric Bushell.
Cambridge Advisors   Cambridge Global Asset Management based in Boston and Toronto, manages over $20 billion in assets on behalf of retail and institutional clients across multiple asset classes. The Cambridge philosophy is centered around true active management, downside risk management, and the personal alignment of manager-client interests. The team is led by 5 Principals: Brandon Snow, Alan Radlo, Robert Swanson, Stephen Groff & Greg Dean. Cambridge Global Asset Management is a division of CI Investments.
Sentry Investment Management
  Sentry Investment Management is based in Toronto and its investment team offers expertise across a multitude of asset classes through a wide range of portfolios. Each member of the team shares a disciplined investment philosophy and a common goal: to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns measured over a period of years, not quarters or months.
Harbour Advisors   Harbour Advisors aim to achieve above-average long-term growth while preserving their capital base. Equal importance is given to both “growth” and “value” parameters when assessing businesses for inclusion into the portfolios. Essentially, the Harbour team strives to invest in easy-to-understand, quality business with promising futures, whether they are located in Canada or other developed markets. This makes Harbour Funds ideal as core funds for all investors, especially risk-averse investors seeking conservative equity exposure.
Harbour Advisors   CI Multi-Asset Management is responsible for the construction and management of CI Investments' managed solutions programs. Based in Toronto, the team oversees more than $40 billion of assets invested in customized managed portfolio solutions for individuals, families and businesses and is led by portfolio manager Alfred Lam.
Marret Asset Management Inc.   Marret Asset Management Inc. is a Toronto-based alternative asset manager specializing in global and Canadian fixed income. The firm was founded in 2001 by Barry Allan. Mr. Allan is backed by a highly experienced team of portfolio managers and research analysts. Marret has established particular expertise in investing in investment-grade and high-yield corporate debt, and alternative strategies on behalf of institutional, high net worth and retail clients.
Black Creek Investment Management   Bill Kanko and Richard Jenkins – the portfolio managers at Black Creek Investment Management – have proven that quality active management adds value to a portfolio. They believe that their ability to develop proprietary investment ideas will grow wealth for their clients. Their goal is to provide capital growth over the long-term through investment in common equities, and to achieve superior returns relative to equity market averages in general and to competitors.
Epoch Investment Partners   Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. employs a value-based, bottom-up approach to investing. New York-based Epoch manages over $12 billion in assets and is led by William Priest, who has more than 45 years of investment management experience.
Picton Mahoney Asset Management   Picton Mahoney Asset Management is led by David Picton and Michael Mahoney and manages more than $2 billion in assets. The Toronto-based firm is known for its successful application of quantitative analysis to investing.
Trident Investment Management   Trident Investment Management, LLC combines top-down analysis with intensive bottom-up research, along with a focus on risk controls, in its approach to global equity investment management. Co-founded in 1998 by Nandu Narayanan, Trident is a New York-based investment firm that specializes in alternative investments.
Altrinsic Global Advisors   Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC follows a fundamental value approach in which the team seeks out high-quality undervalued companies worldwide. Founded by John Hock and associates, Altrinsic is based in Greenwich, Connecticut, and manages more than $10 billion in assets.
QVGD Investors Inc.   QV Investors Inc. is a Calgary-based firm that manages over $15 billion in investment portfolios for institutional and private clients. QV is an independent manager and makes a specialty of small-cap equity and balanced fund management. QV employs disciplined risk-management techniques to assure returns and has earned top-quartile results over the longer term. Its investment philosophy is embodied in its name – selecting investments of quality, value, and growth to build diversified, low-risk portfolios.
Lawrence Park Capital Partners   Lawrence Park Asset Management is a Toronto based alternative fixed income manager specializing in low volatility, alpha-oriented investment solutions. Founded in 2011 by CEO Andrew Torres, Lawrence Park is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with extensive fixed-income and credit trading expertise honed at global bond dealers and investment managers. They utilize a disciplined investment approach to source value from domestic and global fixed income markets through active trading strategies with a focus on risk management and downside protection. Their goal is to offer diversification to traditional fixed income and seek to provide consistent returns through all fixed income environments.