Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.  

View videoEpoch Investment Partners, Inc. is a New York-based investment management firm that employs a value-based, bottom-up strategy to investing and manages large-cap and small-cap portfolios. The team of 52 investment professionals is led by Wall Street veteran William Priest, who has more than 45 years of investment management experience. Epoch manages more than $12 billion in assets.

Investment Philosophy

Epoch’s approach is designed to produce superior risk-adjusted returns by building portfolios of businesses with attractive valuations. The Epoch team believes that the critical drivers of investment performance today are:

Globalization Epoch seeks companies that are benefiting from globalization and increasing world trade.
Free cash flow Epoch seeks companies with growing free cash flow that will use this cash flow in an intelligent manner to enhance shareholder value through one or more of the following options: cash dividends, stock buybacks, debt reduction, internal capital investment or appropriate acquisitions.
Independent research Epoch believes that unbiased in-house research is a requirement in an investment firm today.
Risk management Epoch diversifies portfolios across sectors, limits the size of individual holdings and uses a strict sell discipline. Securities are weighted inversely to their perceived risk levels (the higher the risk, the smaller the holding).

Investment Process

Thorough Bottom-Up Analysis
The Epoch team analyzes a business in the same manner as that of a private investor looking to purchase the entire company. Epoch invests only when the portfolio managers understand the business and have confidence in its financial statements.

Thorough Bottom-Up Analysis

Portfolio Construction and Risk Management

At the heart of the Epoch portfolio construction is diversification and inverse risk weighting. Epoch will diversify across attractive sectors, limit individual holding sizes, and have a strict sell discipline with low portfolio turnover. Its goal is to produce a portfolio that maximizes expected returns at the lowest possible level of volatility.

Specific stock selection
Portfolio Construction – Risk Control
Size limitations per holding
Liquidity considerations
Sell discipline
Diversification across attractive sectors
MSCI country & sector weightings as backdrop
Ongoing risk monitoring
60-80 portfolio holdings for U.S. mandates
80-125 portfolio holdings for global or non-U.S. mandates
Ongoing theme/stock evaluation
Our philosophy
Our funds
Our team
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