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Bill Kanko and Richard Jenkins – the portfolio managers at Black Creek Investment Management – have proven that quality active management adds value to a portfolio. They believe that their ability to develop proprietary investment ideas will grow wealth for their clients. Their goal is to provide capital growth over the long term through investment in common equities, and to achieve superior returns relative to equity market averages in general and to competitors.

With over 50,000 public companies in the global marketplace, no one person or team can possibly assess all the world’s equity opportunities. The Black Creek managers turn the investment world upside down to look for global opportunities. They apply insights gained from over 100 years of collective investment experience to focus only on leading companies they believe have better future growth prospects than the market sees. From that list, they build concentrated portfolios of 25-35 companies, each selected on the basis of a distinct idea about its future value – an idea that’s proprietary to Black Creek and based on the team’s unique, experience-based insights.

Investment approach

Black Creek’s investment process is guided by three qualities: knowledge, intuition and judgment. Having these attributes enhances flexibility, allowing Bill Kanko and Richard Jenkins to take investment paths other managers have neither the mandate nor experience to consider. They’ve spent decades evaluating companies through a proprietary lens, building a cumulative wealth of knowledge and insights. This experience fuels the unique investment ideas that consistently add long-term value to their portfolios.

Black Creek investment process

Continually developing and testing proprietary ideas

» Companies that are leaders in their markets and gaining market share.
» Companies with significant and sustainable competitive advantages.
» Companies with honest and competent management.

» Learn the economics and characteristics of different businesses and industries with a long-term view.
» Use knowledge, intuition and judgment to assess a company's potential for success.

» Is the idea truly proprietary?
» Compare valuation with other holding and potential ideas.
» Determine if competitive advantage is real and sustainable.

» Develop a proprietary position different from what other investors are thinking.
» If the value of a company is greater than what the market sees, then an investment may be made.

» Continuously monitor holdings.
» Sell "least favourite" idea if there is a proprietary view of a company with greater future growth potential.

Black Creek investment process

Sell discipline

An insatiable curiosity about the world’s investment opportunities means the Black Creek process is in continuous motion. The team constantly compares the best ideas not currently in the portfolios with their existing holdings. And when they believe – with conviction – that the best idea they don’t yet hold has greater potential to grow long-term wealth than their “least favourite” portfolio holding, that position is sold and the new idea added.

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