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RSP Calculator

This calculator will help you determine the value of your RSP at retirement and the stream of income you can expect to receive in your retirement. For more specific information, please consult your financial advisor.

  How frequently do you contribute to your RSP?  
  What amount do you contribute to your RSP for each period selected above? $
  What is the dollar value of your current registered savings (i.e., RSP)? $
  How many years until your retirement?   
  How many years should your retirement income last?   
  What annual rate of return do you anticipate on your investment prior to retirement?    %
  What is the average rate that you expect your money to earn after your retirement    %
  What annual inflation rate would you like to base this estimate on?    %

Results Appear Below

  Estimated future value of $
  to an RSP over
  annual compound rate of return and a
  years (assuming a %
  % rate of inflation) $
  Estimated future value of $  
  years (assuming %
  rate of inflation) $
of current RSP savings in  
annual compound rate of return and a %
  Total Estimated RSP savings in  
years time $
  Estimated annual income based on
  annual compound rate of return and a %
years in retirement (assuming %
rate of inflation) $


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