CI M.A.X. Deposit Notes™ Series 1

Available September 26 - November 11, 2005.

CIBC CI M.A.X. Deposit Notes™, Series 1 features:

  • AN INNOVATIVE and dynamic formula-driven allocation strategy that provides the potential for enhanced returns when performance is positive and reduces volatility when performance is negative.
  • Potential for 200% exposure to Signature Income & Growth Fund - managed by award-winners Signature Advisors - has a goal of achieving a 7.0% distribution per annum.
  • Monthly coupons equivalent to 75% of all ordinary distributions of the Fund, all other distributions reinvested in the structure.
  • Low minimum investment: $5,000
  • Daily Secondary Market provided by CIBC World Markets Inc. (subject to availability)2

    Signature Income & Growth Fund managed by Eric Bushell

Who will benefit from these Notes?
The Notes are ideal for investors who are:

  • risk-sensitive investors who are holding high levels of cash.
  • hesitant to lock in long-term rates at current levels.
  • missing investment goals due to low interest rates.
  • income trust investors wanting to lock in gains and maintain some exposure to the sector through the Fund.
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Information Statement
Client Flyer

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1 This value is determined as a percentage of the net asset value of the Deposit Notes, assumes 200% exposure to the Fund and an annual distribution of 7% is maintained on the Fund. As at September 16, 2005, the indicated distribution on the Fund was 6.65%. There is no guarantee that the Fund will meet a 7% annual yield or make any distributions, or that 200% leverage will be achieved on the Deposit Notes. Accordingly, the amount of interest paid for any month during the term of the Deposit Notes will likely vary and could be zero.

2 CIBC World Markets Inc. will maintain a liquid secondary market for the Deposit Notes, but reserves the right not to do so in the future, without providing prior notice to investors. Redemption through FundSERV would be a sale to CIBC World Markets Inc. in the secondary market. An investor who sells a Deposit Note prior to maturity will have to pay an early trading charge, deductible from the proceeds of the Deposit Note, of 6.95% initially, reducing to 0% after three (3) years.

*Interest on the Deposit Notes is linked to the Signature Income & Growth Fund. Details regarding the calculation and payment of interest, repayment of principal and certain risk factors are contained in the Information Statement dated September 16, 2005 relating to the CIBC CI M.A.X. Deposit Notes™, Series 1. Investors are encouraged to read the Information Statement carefully before investing in the Deposit Notes and to discuss the suitability of the investment with their investment advisor, who will be able to provide investors with a copy of the Information Statement, before making any investment decisions. CIBC CI M.A.X Deposit Notes™, Series 1 are available for sale September 26, 2005 to November 11, 2005. Please contact your financial advisor for more information. "CI Investments", "CI", "Signature", "Signature Funds", "Signature Income & Growth Fund" and CI Investments design aretrademarks of CI Investments Inc. "M.A.X. Deposit Notes" is a trademark of CIBC.

This is intended for information purposes only and is not, and under no circumstances is to be construed as, an offering of the Deposit Notes described herein, or as investment advice. The information contained herein is intended to be read in conjunction with the Information Statement. The Deposit Notes described in the Information Statement are being offered in Canada only in those jurisdictions and to those persons where and to whom they may lawfully offered for sale, and therein only by persons permitted to sell such Deposit Notes. No securities commission or similar authority in Canada has reviewed or in any way passed upon this flyer or the Information Statement or the merits of the Deposit Notes described herein or therein, and any representation to the contrary is an offence.