Bank of Montreal

CI C.A.P.I.T.A.L. Deposit Notes® Callable Class SERIES 4
On Sale until May 6, 2011

Potential compounded annual return if redeemed at mid-term by Bank of Montreal.

Bank of Montreal CI C.A.P.I.T.A.L. Deposit Notes, Callable Class Series 4 are six-year principal protected Notes that have no performance inhibitors at maturity. Along with 100% principal protection at maturity, the Callable Class Notes give your clients:

  • The opportunity to earn an attractive 10% compounded annual return after three years if they are redeemed by Bank of Montreal.
  • The full return, if any, of two award-winning funds from CI over the entire six-year term of the Note:

Investment Highlights

  • 100% RRSP-eligible
  • Potential tax advantages
  • Low minimum investment of $2,000
  • "Redeemable" daily

Who will benefit from these Notes?
The Notes are ideal for investors who are concerned about market volatility, but need equity exposure to meet their long-term investment objectives. This can include investors who are looking to get back into the market or investors with high levels of fixed-income investments. They would also suit equity segregated fund investors who are looking for a shorter-term investment with principal protection.

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For more information contact your CI Investments Wholesaler to arrange for a branch presentation, or call the CI Sales Team at 1-800-268-9374.

Disclaimer: Details of the risk factors of CI C.A.P.I.T.A.L. Deposit Notes Callable Class, Series 4, along with complete disclosure of how variable interest on Bank of Montreal CI C.A.P.I.T.A.L. Deposit Notes Callable Class, Series 4 is calculated, are contained in the Information Statement dated March 2011. ®CI Investments and the CI Investments design are registered trademarks of CI Investments Inc. "C.A.P.I.T.A.L. Deposit Notes" is a trademark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Corporation Limited used under licence.

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