CI Pro-Fit Notes SERIES 2
Growth Potential with Capital Protection is Possible

On sale April 19, 2004 through May 28, 2004.

With 100% principal protection at maturity, CI Pro-FIT Notes, Series 2 gives you the opportunity to earn an attractive 8.0% compounded annual return after four years if they are called or the full return of three top funds from CI over the entire eight-year term of the Note.

CI Pro-FIT Notes, Series 2 are linked to three highly rated funds from CI:

CI Pro-FIT Notes, Series 2 set a new benchmark for equity-linked notes as they allow investors to participate in the full return of the funds at maturity. There are no performance inhibitors like the elimination of top-performing funds after one year, or caps on annual upside performance, or averaging features.

Along with getting the full upside potential, you will benefit from the following features:

  • 100% Principal Protection at maturity.
  • Note is 100% RRSP-eligible as Canadian content.
  • Secondary market.
  • Potential for capital gains tax treatment if sold prior to maturity.
CI Pro-FIT Notes are structured, managed and administered by National Bank of Canada, which is rated "A" by DBRS and Standard & Poor's and "A1" by Moody's. National Bank is a leading structured note manufacturer with over $2.0 billion issued since the mid-1990s and was the first to offer notes linked to mutual funds.

CI Pro-FIT Notes Series 2 are on sale April 19, 2004 through May 28, 2004.

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