Choice of Investments

CI Private Wealth includes the essential investment strategies to create the ideal portfolio, reflecting your individual financial goals and priorities, today and in the future.

Broad choice of investments

Benefit from access to a wide range of investment mandates, styles, asset classes and flexible fee options.

CI Investments provides one of the industry’s widest selection of investment solutions and leading portfolio management expertise. The flexibility of the programs allows you and your advisor to create a diversified portfolio from individual mandates or invest in a fully managed portfolio solution managed by CI Multi-Asset Management, CI’s in-house investment experts.

Our solutions are supported by a complete suite of investment services, such as registered plans, group plans, education savings plans, tax-free savings accounts, loan programs, automatic rebalancing, and systematic deposit, withdrawal and transfer plans.

Award-winning portfolio management
PM Groups PM Groups PM Groups

The expertise of our managers has received broad industry recognition.


CI and its managers have received 50 Morningstar Awards in the past 15 years. This has included Morningstar Fund Manager of the Decade in 2010 for Eric Bushell, Chief Investment Officer of Signature Global Asset Management; Foreign Equity Fund Manager of the Year in 2015 for Richard Jenkins, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of Black Creek Investment Management Inc.; and Breakout Fund Manager of the Year in 2015 for Greg Dean and Stephen Groff, Principals and Portfolio Managers of Cambridge Global Asset Management.

Lipper Fund Awards

In addition, CI funds have received 56 Lipper Fund Awards since 2007.

Tax efficiency of CI Corporate Class and T-Class

CI Private Wealth brings the tax advantages of CI Corporate Class and T-Class together to help maximize after-tax returns for non-registered investments.

The advantages of CI Corporate Class include a low dividend payout policy and tax-efficient income.

T-Class can be used to create a customized, tax-effective stream of monthly cash flows without sacrificing a portfolio’s potential for growth. T-Class allows investors to receive monthly distributions paid as tax-free return of capital (ROC).