CI Preferred PricingTM is all about providing you with automatic preferred pricing.


Preferred Pricing

Starting at the $150,000 per account level, preferred pricing reductions are automatically applied to management and administration fees for Class A (ISC), Class F and Class P assets.

As your assets grow, so do the fee reductions – additional discounts automatically apply at the $500,000, $1 million, $2.5 million and $5 million asset levels.

Automatic reclassification switches of Class A (ISC) and Class F securities ensure you receive preferred pricing, going back to dollar one. CI performs asset assessments every Friday, so your investments are well positioned to receive preferred pricing as soon as you reach the qualifying asset levels.

Note to current CI Funds investors.

High Watermark

CI Preferred Pricing offers you protection through a high watermark concept. The high watermark is the highest peak in value of an individual account or aggregated assets of a family group achieved since the launch of preferred pricing.

This means that you have the benefit of reduced fees when market performance places you into a higher asset level, but you are not penalized for negative performance.

Extended family pricing

Preferential pricing can be extended to family members, even those who live at different addresses.

Multiple accounts for an individual investor or extended family members can be linked for pricing purposes once a threshold of $250,000 is reached.

A Family Group can be comprised of parents, children and/or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the spouses of each of these persons, and a member’s company.

Choice and flexibility

Enjoy the benefits of reduced fees while building a portfolio that meets your individual needs.

CI Investments provides one of the industry’s widest selection of investment solutions and leading portfolio management expertise.

Choose from flexible fee options and a broad range of investment mandates, styles and asset classes from CI’s award-winning line up of investment strategies.

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Assets in Class A (ISC) and Class F are automatically switched to the appropriate tier of Class A and F securities based on your qualifying asset level.

Advisor support materials

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