Consolidate your assets

Consolidated, simplified account management

Simplified risk management and reporting

Client and family accounts can be linked to create a clear household financial picture, reduce fees and maximize tax efficiency across multiple account types. Consolidated accounts are supported by value-added features including managed solutions, enhanced reporting, portfolio rebalancing and a proposal tool.

Enhanced reporting
PIM produces consolidated statements at the end of each quarter detailing:

  • The market values of the entire household group and each account.
  • Personalized rates of return.
  • Transactions.
  • Summary of fees paid or rebates received.

Portfolio proposals
Historical and positioning information for any PIM solution, including:

  • Country weighting.
  • Back-tested portfolio returns.
  • Periodic rolling returns.
  • Fee summary.

Investment Policy Statement
A thorough Investment Policy Statement offers you a comprehensive overview of your portfolio and investment plan, displaying the following:

  • Responses to the Investment Profile Questionnaire.
  • A customized portfolio, including specific fund targets.